Current manbearpig threat level : ORANGE (Danger near!)

gallery of photographs of manbearpig
Photographic proof that the government has been infiltrated by manbearpig manbearpig seen in Paris, France manbearpig sighting in Colorado Rhys sends proof that Kevin Rudd, Australian PM, is manbearpig/a manbearpig offspring. It looks like convincing proof to me.
Australia : manbearpig's meat locker.
genetic monstrosity manbearpig weaning its young!
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manbearpig in Florida. an infant manbearpig found in Japan manbearpig is seen here in disguise.
manbearpig enters cave at Mt. Redoubt in Alaska manbearpig exits cave at Mt. Redoubt in Alaska manbearpig at Mt. Redoubt in Alaska manbearpig looking extra evil at Mt. Redoubt in Alaska. Felicity suspects the recent eruption of Mt. Redoubt may brought him out. Or did the arrival of manbearpig cause the eruption?
manbearpig seen at Olympic Peninsula, Washington wearing khakis manbearpig seen attacking the food supply of Haverhill, Massachusetts. The tie is a key indicator. manbearpig as drawn by Golden, Colorado's professional police sketch artist. manbearpig seen attacking sledding children.
possible manbearpig sighting (the figure in black on the left). The other figures are unofficial junior manbearpig hunters. absolute photographic proof of the existence of manbearpig. more absolute photographic proof of the existence of manbearpig. It appears a little less man-bear than usual. It appears to be attacking one of my tripodal autonomous robots designed with a titanium hammer to crush manbearpig/kick manbearpig in the balls. manbearpig seen in Websterville, Vermont.
manbearpig as seen in Reyes Adobe Park, Agoura Hills, California. manbearpig seen in Easton, Massachusetts manbearpig seen in Easton, Massachusetts manbearpig seen in Easton, Massachusetts. It looks friendly but don't be fooled!
manbearpig spotted outside of Vienna, Austria trying to mate with a human-like creature called Fiona Swarovski manbearpig spotted outside a Lane Bryants with Bryno. manbearpig seen seen at a golf course in Norway (at longitude and latitude : 60.076577, 11.169187) Photographic proof from Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia that manbearpig is using broadband internet to spy on us all and to plan his next attack. (the correspondant notes "He uses category 6, 10Gpbs capable") In comparsion, in my secure underground bunker I only have a choice of pokey DSL or 50Mbs cable and because of the thick reinforced concrete walls my wifi connection is pitifully slow.
More photographic proof from Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. It appears to be some sort of booby trap to cause the collapse of the cavern. Even more photographic proof from Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. Possible manbearpig tracks. Not the mysterious shape back and to the left. More unimpeachable photographic proof of manbearpig's existence : manbearpig stalking David in Somersworth, New Hampshire. (manbearpig is the one circled in red) manbearpig is seen here (down and to the right) about to steal a purse from an old woman in Holt, United Kingdom and then assault Sam and Jut. Thanks to my my keen eye for detail, I'm suspicious that this photo could be fake because I'm pretty sure Sotheby's is not spelled Sowerbys.
Unimpeachible photographic proof. manbearpig is seen with Freddy Kruger, Jason and a ghost in a dress at Nacozari De Garcia, Montezuma, Sonora, Mexico. While it doesn't look like manbearpig, that just means it must be manbearpig in disguise. manbearpig in Oxford, Alabama as photographed by correspondant Devlyin's grandfather. manbearpig found feeding in MultiFab Ltd. in Mildenhall, Suffolk, United Kingdom. Note the poor fool behind manbearpig who appears to be totally oblivious that right in front of him is the biggest threat to our planet and the continued existence of the human race! Someone with such a complete lack of situational awareness should NOT be allowed outdoors without someone to keep him from walking into traffic.
manbearpig preparing to pounce on a helpless victim on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK. manbearpig trying to hide under leaves on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, United Kingdom. Probably a technique for capturing prey/mates. Photographic proof of manbearpig before causing untold carnage and destruction in Hallam, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

manbearpig warning warning light

Warning! If this light is blinking then manbearpig may be near. If the manbearpig warning sensor is not blinking then manbearpig may have disabled it and you are in the greatest peril. Ever! Serial.

Have you seen the manbearpig?
If seen do not approach! Call AlGore at once! AlGore will personally rush to the scene, investigate, and save your life and the lives of your pets from the manbearpig and then AlGore will be hero of the worlds.

Things you need to know
mouth breathing is a proven technique to prevent manbearpig attacks. The sound of mouth breathing can confuse the manbearpig's radar-like echolocation system. Serial. Has manbearpig ever attacked Ben Affleck? No! Case closed.

Who ya gonna call? manbearpig Busters!