Current manbearpig threat level : ORANGE (Danger near!)

About Me, AlGore, Global Hero

AlGore, nemesis of manbearpig, hero of all humanity, and super guy (I also like ponies)

drawing of me, AlGore, hunter of the manbearpig and hero by a young boy in Colorado
To the left, my left, is an artistic representation of me as drawn by a young boy in a small town in Colorado called South Park. I think it looks just super. Tipper said I should sue, or at a minimum call for congressional hearings, but someone told me it was satire. Satire means something is funny.

For your future reference, young man, when people usually draw or sketch in pastels or paint a picture of me they include a gold ring hovering over my head. I think it symbolizes that my wife, Tipper, is always watching over me when I look at things on the internets. Does anyone know how to delete the "history" from the "E" I click on to get to the internets? Let me know and I'll be your B.F.F. Serial.

Live videographic feed of the AlGore Jr. manbearpig tracking headquarters
May be slow to load - time lapsed vidoe of the manbearpig search and destroy headquarters
(video updates shows time lapsed for the last 24 hours)

manbearpig warning warning light

Warning! If this light is blinking then manbearpig may be near. If the manbearpig warning sensor is not blinking then manbearpig may have disabled it and you are in the greatest peril. Ever! Serial.

Have you seen the manbearpig?
If seen do not approach! Call AlGore at once! AlGore will personally rush to the scene, investigate, and save your life and the lives of your pets from the manbearpig and then AlGore will be hero of the worlds.

Things you need to know
mouth breathing is a proven technique to prevent manbearpig attacks. The sound of mouth breathing can confuse the manbearpig's radar-like echolocation system. Serial. Has manbearpig ever attacked Ben Affleck? No! Case closed.

Who ya gonna call? manbearpig Busters!